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Project "Balloon-Box" (Leopold Stefan and Maier Andreas, HTL)




Enter the CUBE


The person has to stand on the marked point on the floor and switches off the light with his foot. After a few seconds, a lamp inside shows, that the balloon can be punctured now. The person has to puncture the balloon within 4 seconds. When the „info-light“ is on, the shutter of the camera opens, when the „info-light“ is off, the shutter closes.

drawing function

The person now punctures the balloon, which sound sets of the sound-trigger, sending a signal to the flash, which illuminates the scene for a split-second!

After the shutter is closed, the lights in the balloon box goes on and the taken photograph appears on the computer screen, on the outside of the balloon box. This photograph will be saved immediately to the data-base. Now, the user can decide to take another high-speed photograph or email or print the picture for him/her to keep!

Mayor of Wolfsberg
Gerhard Seifried, Mayor of Wolfsberg in Austria

Criteria to be fulfilled

  • Picture has to be taken

    • the noise releases the flash
    • the picture will be saved in the data base
  • finish software

    • restricted surroundings
    • people cannot work outside the software

Desired criteria

  • light quality
  • picture quality
  • all taken pictures will be shown as a screen saver



Visual Studio C# 2003

Windows XP SP2

Internet Explorer

Internet Connection

Balloon Box Computer:

We have to write all the software for the project and here is a little base plan of the functionalities:

Person goes to the computer terminal.

He/She sees the starting screen.

Presses on the Button and arrives at the log-in menu.

The person enters their data:

First name, surname , e-mail address are entered

After pressing the Submit-button, a video is playing.

It will explain the person the handling inside the box.

„Stay on the red dot on the ground…“

„… if the blue light switch on, please puncture the balloon…“

„Smile in the camera and say „cheese“…“

After the explanation the person goes into the box and takes the photo. Now the pictures is taken (see Enter the CUBE*).

The person walks out of the box and back to the terminal.

On the screen the person can see the picture.

Now the person can choose:

print the picture

send it to me per e-mail

take picture once again

At the end, the person returns to the start screen.

About the makers of the Balloon-Box

Advisor Professor Helmut Hebenstreit
Advisor Professor Helmut Hebenstreit

Team 2fast4u HTL
Team 2fast4u HTL Co-Advisor DI Daniel Pressl, Bernhard Heine und Markus Dohr (Projekt Piddler), Andreas Maier und Stefan Leopold (Projekt Balloon-Box)

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