Daniel Pressl's and Stephen Steiner's Executive Summary about SuperInsulation wins the semi-finals at this year's Spring $100K Semi-Final Awards Ceremony

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„Now we are heading towards the finals, at the end of April, facing 21 other semi-finalists. We are really proud and this is a great start!“ ~DI Daniel G Pressl See the webcast of the Spring $100K Semi-Final Awards Ceremony: Broadband (220K) Dialup (56K)

blog launched!

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Greetings fellow Scientists and Engineers, Designers and Photographers, Teachers and WWW Programmers, … ! This is the blog regarding recent activities of iPressl (http://www.ipressl.com), my company, which I founded about a year ago in the fall 2006.   iPressl is an ARTs and DESIGN, IDEAs, ENGINEERing and NETWORKing company: IDEAs and ENGINEERing (http://ipressl.com/idea.html): DELTAX has […]