MIT Alumni Österreich gegründet

What an amazing feeling it was… Sitting down in an office I have never been to before, somewhere near the center of Vienna. Someone was already there and he introduced himself and asked me immediately „When did you go to MIT?“ I said „from 2004 to 2009“ and he said „well, it has been a bit longer ago for me, from 1967 to 1970“! We kept talking and over the next 15 minutes four more people walked in and they all went to MIT. This usually doesn’t happen in Austria! This was a historic moment.

The proud founders of the MIT Alumni Club of Austria. Vienna, 2015.

4 hours later the MIT Alumni Club of Austria was founded, with Dirk Holste our president playing a big part in setting up the wonderful things to come with this foundation.

We are proud and I am proud having received the role of Vice-President. Everyone one of us will play his/her part, so in the near future many more Austrians, who have been to MIT or are/were strongly connected to MIT will get to have this same feeling that I experienced, when I was sitting in that room, in Vienna, surrounded by fellow MIT Alumni. Something that usually can only happen at MIT, can now happen in Austria and great things will grow from it. Mens at Manus!

Have a wonderful day and 2015!

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