Bad Marketing and Good Marketing Explained through Physics

Something I found recently:

Braune haben bessere Laune OR Blacks have more fun

„Braune haben bessere Laune“ … Brown people are more happy! (Slogan of a Tanning Studio, located in Vienna, Austria)

Good or Bad? You decide!

Anyways, recently my mind is heavily oriented towards finding the right way to market a new idea of mine. So, I stumble from reports about marketing failure to marketing gold nuggets, along my journey to find what is right for my new idea. Here are two things that I absolutely must share with you. Enjoy!:

Good Marketing Explained through Physics:

Dan Cobley: What physics taught me about marketing

and amazing advice on HOW TO CREATE GOOD MARKETING:

Seth Godin on standing out

I hope this was time spent worth your while. Have a nice weekend!

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