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Three amazing Things other than an Apple Tablet

Hello Readers,

Apple is gonna give us a treat tomorrow and so I thought why not give my readers a treat, today! Three, actually and that being three really cool sites and ideas on the web:

IKEA Hacker

ikea hacker

Check out this site and you will be bedazzled when you see what else you can do with IKEA furniture!



Is it the next iPod? No, it is all about coffee! Even better! ;_) Do you like Nespresso and others?! What if you could fill those tabs with your favorite blend and reuse them over and over!!! Nexpod does the job!

And here is a site that can get you really addicted and maybe change your life!:



Musicovery lets you hear music depending on your mood, or depending on what mood you want to be in while and after listening. Even without being a member, the collection of available music and possiblities are humongous. Of course, you can also go by genre (or even by year of release,…!) and while browsing through the songs you will get a feeling what mood the different titles deliver and you can then choose to keep that kind of mood or change it up or down a bit, or left or right, or whatever you like. ;_)

Let me know what you think about this one and what you were able to find out about your favorite songs and music that you love most, in the comment section, BELOW! ;_)

Well, readers that is it, for today! I wish you a great day and am looking forward to Apple’s treat, tomorrow! ;_) Meanwhile, I am listening to some energetic and positive Music! See you!

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3 Responses to “Three amazing Things other than an Apple Tablet”

  1. André Gonzale Says:

    So I just got a Nespresso machine and was curious what the capsules were going for on eBay. They usually sell or auction for more $$ than direct from Nespresso, including shipping. What gives?

  2. Creola Rolin Says:

    I really like what you write about here. I try and come back to your site every day so keep up the good writing!

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