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Play Monopoly with the Entire World – Reloaded

Last week I wrote about the big new multiplayer game Monopoly City Streets created by Hasbro and Google, WHERE you can play Monopoly with the entire world on Google Maps – fascinating!

Like said, 1.7 Million Users registerd in one day and the system crashed, bugs happened, but overall the crowd was fascinated by the game and the chance to become the biggest worldwide!

It was decided to RELAUNCH the game today and just about some minutes ago the game restarted, with a clean google map and everyone got the chance again to play and buy their favorite street!

The game is fast now and I wasnt able to find any bugs yet. Seems clean! I hope, they were also able to undo the possibilities to cheat (multiple user accounts, …)!

As far as I am concerned, I got pretty lucky on my first day of Monopoly, today (which really only takes 5 minutes to play, ever day)!:

Monopoly Reloaded

… of course I bought my home-street again and I got to buy a large street for a big chunk of my money, which I then was able to protect with a school building from enemy sabotage actions….

Lets see what happens, next!

Play Monopoly City Streets

(Click to play, yourself!)

Other useful links:

Monopoly City Streets Rules
Create your own Monopoly City Streets Signature Here is mine, from the first round of playing (after one week):

Monopoly Signature

Have a nice weekend! Best,

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