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Play Monopoly with the Entire World

Google Maps and Hasbro team up for an enormous game of Monopoly!

The partnership is turning Google Maps into a massive Multiplayer Online Game, where everyone can play Monopoly on real life streets! EPIC!:

Monopoly (Click to play!)

The game launched yesterday (09.09.2009, at midnight, our time) and it brought the servers of google to its knees, already! 1,7 Million players registered and tried to play in a few hours!

AND Google is trying to find three new MONOPOLY game pieces. You have the chance to have YOUR building design (and bearing YOUR name) included in the biggest game of MONOPOLY of all time. Use Google SketchUp to design a 3D building!: Sketch Up Competition

I already called my former geometry teacher from High-School, yesterday. I think it would be a great challenge for some students to start the new year of school with!

Have fun buying and selling! Yours,

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