Wickie – Premiere in Vienna

It was a great time, last week, when I got the chance, through two OE3 tickets, to go to the Premiere of Bully Herbig’s new movie Wickie und die Starken Maenner.

Today, Wickie is coming out everywhere in Austria. I have to say that Wickie was a funny movie. The characters are adorable and make up for a not so great plot. All in all a lovely movie for the family and people that have remained young in their hearts.

At the premiere were Bully Herbig, Jonas Hämmerle (Wickie), Günther Kaufmann (Der Schreckliche Sven). Wickie helmets were handed out, 7 cinemas were booked to show the movie (one entire cinema for OE3), the red carpet was rolled out, there was a big sound and light show and lots of fans and people eagar to win the last tickets to the premiere.

Here, some pics from the opening of the movie in the Cineplex Donauplex, in Vienna, last week:

(Click on the image to see all pictures)

Wickie is a true example of how smarts can win over muscle. Definitely, a great movie to start a new year of school!

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