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Archive for September, 2009

2fast4u HighSpeedVideo – Backflip from Divingboard

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

I have recently submitted a HighSpeedVideo to a Video Contest. The video is called “Backflip from Divingboard” and was filmed in my hometown (Wolfsberg), in the local water park. I hope you like it and maybe even vote for it and pass it on to your friends if you love it! ;_) Here it is:

2fast4u jump

Thank you! Have a nice weekend! Best,

Web 2.0 NOW – iPressl ist ihr Ansprechpartner

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

iPressl etabliert Ihre Firma im neuen Internet, dem “Web 2.0″. Wir haben eine in-house entwickelte Soziale Web 2.0 Plattform für Österreich geschaffen und begleiten ihre Firma auf dem Weg in die Zukunft:

Weiters helfen wir ihnen bei der Praesenz ihrer Firma auf allen anderen Internet-Plattformen, wie XING, Facebook, StudiVz, ….

UND!: Wir uebernehmen die Arbeit fuer sie!

Ihrer Firma wird ein persoehnlicher Web 2.0 Assistent von iPressl zugewiesen, welcher staendig mit ihrer Firma in Kontakt ist. Unser Assistent erledigt alle Updates fuer ihre Firma auf den individuellen Web 2.0 Seiten und informiert sie ueber den Fortschritt ihrer neuen Werbelinie (mit der professionellen Einbindung von Google Analytics auf ihrer Firmen-Homepage)!

Zum Thema, folgenden Die Presse Artikel:

Web 2.0 Artikel - Die Presse

Wie wird ihre Firma auf die Oeffentlichkeit wirken, wenn sie in das Web 2.0 einsteigen?:

web 2.0 Werbungs Attribute

Einige unserer zufriedenen Partner finden sie hier: iPressl Web 2.0 Consulting

Springen sie jetzt auf und lassen sie uns ihnen helfen sich einen Platz im Web 2.0 Markt zu sichern!

Ich freue mich auf ein persoehnliches Gespraech um die Web 2.0 Zukunft ihres Unternehmens zu planen! Ihr,
DI Dr. tech. MIT Daniel Pressl (Kontakt)

Get Windows 7 Home Premium for $30 With a College Email Address

Friday, September 18th, 2009



If you’re a U.S. college student, or at least having a working .edu email address, you don’t have to pay $120 to upgrade Vista to Windows 7. You can get the Home Premium edition for just $30.


Click on “Windows 7” and then on “Buy”! Best,

Play Monopoly with the Entire World – Reloaded

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Last week I wrote about the big new multiplayer game Monopoly City Streets created by Hasbro and Google, WHERE you can play Monopoly with the entire world on Google Maps – fascinating!

Like said, 1.7 Million Users registerd in one day and the system crashed, bugs happened, but overall the crowd was fascinated by the game and the chance to become the biggest worldwide!

It was decided to RELAUNCH the game today and just about some minutes ago the game restarted, with a clean google map and everyone got the chance again to play and buy their favorite street!

The game is fast now and I wasnt able to find any bugs yet. Seems clean! I hope, they were also able to undo the possibilities to cheat (multiple user accounts, …)!

As far as I am concerned, I got pretty lucky on my first day of Monopoly, today (which really only takes 5 minutes to play, ever day)!:

Monopoly Reloaded

… of course I bought my home-street again and I got to buy a large street for a big chunk of my money, which I then was able to protect with a school building from enemy sabotage actions….

Lets see what happens, next!

Play Monopoly City Streets

(Click to play, yourself!)

Other useful links:

Monopoly City Streets Rules
Create your own Monopoly City Streets Signature Here is mine, from the first round of playing (after one week):

Monopoly Signature

Have a nice weekend! Best,

Play Monopoly with the Entire World

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Google Maps and Hasbro team up for an enormous game of Monopoly!

The partnership is turning Google Maps into a massive Multiplayer Online Game, where everyone can play Monopoly on real life streets! EPIC!:

Monopoly (Click to play!)

The game launched yesterday (09.09.2009, at midnight, our time) and it brought the servers of google to its knees, already! 1,7 Million players registered and tried to play in a few hours!

AND Google is trying to find three new MONOPOLY game pieces. You have the chance to have YOUR building design (and bearing YOUR name) included in the biggest game of MONOPOLY of all time. Use Google SketchUp to design a 3D building!: Sketch Up Competition

I already called my former geometry teacher from High-School, yesterday. I think it would be a great challenge for some students to start the new year of school with!

Have fun buying and selling! Yours,

Wickie – Premiere in Vienna

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

It was a great time, last week, when I got the chance, through two OE3 tickets, to go to the Premiere of Bully Herbig’s new movie Wickie und die Starken Maenner.

Today, Wickie is coming out everywhere in Austria. I have to say that Wickie was a funny movie. The characters are adorable and make up for a not so great plot. All in all a lovely movie for the family and people that have remained young in their hearts.

At the premiere were Bully Herbig, Jonas Hämmerle (Wickie), Günther Kaufmann (Der Schreckliche Sven). Wickie helmets were handed out, 7 cinemas were booked to show the movie (one entire cinema for OE3), the red carpet was rolled out, there was a big sound and light show and lots of fans and people eagar to win the last tickets to the premiere.

Here, some pics from the opening of the movie in the Cineplex Donauplex, in Vienna, last week:

(Click on the image to see all pictures)

Wickie is a true example of how smarts can win over muscle. Definitely, a great movie to start a new year of school!