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NEW Technologies – Apple Tablet and Apple Store FAME


Many people have been predicting this for years. I thought, they should have done it already, when the MacBook Air came out, INSTEAD OF IT! ;_)

Kindle and other e-readers, goodbye? Here, is how the new Apple Tablet COULD look:

Apple Tablet

link to Maclife article

Here is something else that I have been following, for a week now:

A 12 year old kid gets famous! by lip-syncing top ten songs in an apple store, standing in front of one of the computers webcams and uploading the cool videos to youtube – something made possible only by today’s internet – amazing!:

When a report went up on BoingBoing one of the cool videos (see above) had around 60.000 views, already! 2 days later (middle of last week) it had 200.000 views! That is around 70.000 new viewers per day! The video „I gotta feeling“ also has 200.000 views already, today!

Web 2.0, you are so strong!

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