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Wii Whiteboard PLUS BumpTop

Finally! This video was made in January, this year! Now, I finally found the time to put it together and online!


I am sure you all have seen Jonny Lee’s amazing presentation on how to hack the Wiimote in many different ways, at TED and on YouTube. Furthermore, I hope you all have heard of BumpTop (see image on the left). What a fun tool!


I am glad, I finally have been able to show this! Right now, iPressl is building the first Wii Whiteboard at a Doctor’s office for the patients in the waitingroom to go online with, watch videos and interact with the Doctor’s homepage! An interactive whiteboard for a fraction of the real prize – unique!

Thanks to Jonny Lee and his amazing creativity using the Wiimote!


1. Here are some quick facts on how to install the Wiimote to use it in the Wii Whiteboard Hack:

a. Connect your wiimote to your PC via Bluetooth. There are many online tutorials to do that (even on youtube). The Wiimote works with many (but not all) Bluetooth drivers. You can report/read about compatibility issues at

b. Downloads:
Windows (32-bit)
Wiimote Whiteboard* (original 12/19/07) – includes source
Wiimote Whiteboard v0.2* (updated 3/27/08) – includes source
Wiimote Whiteboard v0.3* (updated 8/20/08) – includes source

* there appear to be some issues with 64-bit machines, and BlueSoleil. Alternative Bluetooth software may work. Check the forum for more info.

2. BumpTop Download

3. LED pens: You can build your own or you can order one right here at

UPDATE (20.07.09):

The CEO of Bumptop congratulated me on my video and they featured me on their twitter page!:

bumptop twitter account

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4 Responses to “Wii Whiteboard PLUS BumpTop”

  1. AnnaMaria Says:

    This is amazing and very cleverly designed 🙂

    I got this:
    (but it is unfortunately in German!)

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Hi, it certainly looks cool using the BumpTop, but I believe if you consider in using Smoothboard it will probably helps you in enhancing the accuracy of the tracking.

    Do check out BoonJin's website at:


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