The Travelling Classroom Project

    German Post:

In recent times we have witnessed a real crisis in education reform:

In Austria, the US (Bill Gates speaking about Education in the USA) and in other parts of the world, the debate over tenure, incentive strategies, teacher evaluation, and public opinion has and continues to be a heated one.

The disparity between the images and perspectives portrayed in mass media and the silenced voices of teachers has led to a vicious cycle halting any real progress changing current policies.


Our IDEA and Project at MIT:

Imagine you are sitting down at a bus-stop and you are waiting for the next bus. Suddenly, you hear the voice of a chemistry professor talking, then you hear Bill Gates speaking about the problems of education in the USA, then you hear the chemistry professor, again,…

Travelling Classroom in Boston

Now you get curious and you look around: You see a piece of chalk lying on the bench, next to you and the voice is coming from underneath the bench.

The piece of chalk holds the following message:

Your Opinion!


Deployment of chalks in America: Weeks of the 20th and 27th of April, 09


Abstract for the MIT Project


Let us know what you think! and maybe you would like to hand out some chalk! ;_)

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