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Archive for May, 2009

Top 10 Restaurants in and around Boston

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Here is my top ten list of favorite restaurants in Boston accompanied by a list of things to do on a nice day, before or after enjoying a wonderful meal.

1. Ethiopian – Addis Red Sea (South Boston)

Eat with your hands and become enchanted by this wonderful cuisine!

Addis Red Sea

Addis Red Sea is in the south of Boston, but is not too far a walk from Boylston Street (famous for the Start and Finish Line of the Boston Marathon) or Newbury Street (quite amazing shopping and artsy street).

2. Italian – The Daily Catch (Boston, North End)

Boston’s Original Sicilian Style Seafood Eatery (already for 34 years!). Chefs will come here first when visiting Boston to enjoy this incredible experience, as well as their famous dish Lobster Fra Diavolo:


The Daily Catch is in the North End. There are many things close by to look at, such as Paul Revere’s House, but also not to far away the harbor of Boston, as well as the lovely New England Aquarium (who know that penguins fall in love and stay with their one partner for the rest of their life!). After a wonderful lunch or dinner at The Daily Catch one can cross the street to enjoy coffee and Italian pastries or take a rickshaw to any place nearby.

3. Fish – Legal Seafoods (Cambridge, Main Street)

legal seafood

Legal Seafoods
must-see-place to go for Non-Americans. Americans might consider this to be a chain-class restaurant and maybe you can have bad luck sometimes, but some of them are very high quality! I like their service and some of their creative dishes, like the coconut shrimp appetizer (shrimp in a coconuts and almond mass baked and served with orange jam). One of my favorite dishes is the Seafood Antipasto, which is just a salad with a selection of seafood grilled and steamed. Also, the tuna steak is not bad!

Of course, not to forget, they also have lobster!


There is one in Cambridge (close to MIT, on Main Street) and there is one in Boston right by the harbor, right by the New England Aquarium!

4. Mediterranean – Baraka Cafe (Cambridge, Pearl Street)

Famous for their lemonade! You have to try it!

Baraka Cafe

Baraka CafĂ© offers traditional Algerian-Tunisian and North African cuisine in a cozy space reminiscent of eating in the chef’s home kitchen in the Mediterranean. Located just outside Cambridge’s vibrant Central Square neighborhood, this popular restaurant serves as a neighborhood eatery by day and a sophisticated restaurant in the evening.

5. American – Miracle of Science (Cambridge, Mass. Ave.)

The menu is a periodic system on one of the restaurant’s walls!


The Miracle of Science offers a very laid-back atmosphere for any kind of conversation. Once you found your way through the menu you can choose between a great variety of vegetarian, American and Mediterranean dishes. Here, I would like to suggest the simple cheeseburger, which comes with potatoes on the side, which are deliciously roasted and go so well with the mustard that is neatly placed on each table.

Close to MIT, close to the MIT Museum and Toscanini’s for “The world’s best Ice-Cream” (~NY Times), if you disregard the ice-cream in Italy and some other places all over the world. ;_)

6. American/ World (I mean their motto is “Something for Everyone”) – Cheesecake Factory (Boston, Prudential Mall)

Again, The Cheesecake Factory is one of those must-see places that a non-american just needs to see.


Hint: Order one potion for two people, no matter what you order. That way you actually still want to eat one of the many (~50-100) different cheesecakes for desert!

Good place to relax after shopping (located in the Prudential Mall (Boston) and the Galleria Mall (Cambridge)).

7. Italian – Emma’s (Cambridge, Hampshire Street)

I am so glad I know about this place, cause I go there almost every week to enjoy their lovely appetizers and pizza creations! The appetizers are actually so good that it sometimes puts me back to feeling as if I was in Italy – very nice!


The pizza at Emma’s has a very thin crust and the menu offers some wild combinations, where you wont find your typical prosciutto, but rather potatoes, caramelized onions and cranberries!


You have to try it, even if you dont love pizza! ;_)

8. Brazilian – Midwest Grill (Cambridge, Inman Square)


At Midwest Grill, a Brazilian all-you-can-eat buffet, the waiters will come to your table with swords, on which they will serve you the meat dishes! This until you flip a little sign on your table from “Go” to “Stop” – My kind of place!

In Inman Square, a nice restaurants and students area, with no subway station near by, which has developed its own kind of flair. Just follow the music and you might find a little jazz concert.

9. Afghanistan – The Helmand (Cambridge, near the Galleria Mall)

In-house made bread, amazing dishes (MUST-TRY: The Sweet Pumpkin Dish!), lovely atmosphere, terrific wine list – Time to take your parents out! ;_)


The Helmand

In-House Bread

Right by the Galleria Mall, but also close to the Museum of Science!

10. American/World – The Trident Bookstore (Boston, Newbury Street)

I recommend the breakfast/brunch over the dinner dishes, but this place lets you sit back, read your favorite magazine or book or even watch a disney movie on one of their screens at the bar. Bookstore PLUS Breakfast: I like that! ;_)


The Trident Booksellers & Cafe located right in Newbury Street (where Shopping, Cafes and Arts combine and lead you straight to the parks of Boston).

(11). American – Top of the Hub (Boston)


One of Boston’s finest dining destinations, the award-winning Top of the Hub features outstanding cuisine, impeccable service, and a sophisticated ambiance. Soaring 52 floors above the Back Bay, the restaurant and adjoining Skywalk Observatory offer guests a spectacular view of the Boston skyline from every table.

(12). Chinese – Dim Sum in Chinatown (Boston)

Chinese Food (little dishes) brought to your table on little carts! Maybe, you would like to bring a Chinese friend to really know what you are ordering! I heard the best Dim Sum (besides China) can be found a little bit outside of Manhattan!


Find out for yourself (just google a place nearby you)!


Hope you like and will enjoy my selection! Bon Appetit! Best,

Something you didnt know about Japanese Weddings

Friday, May 29th, 2009

I am quite fascinated by Internet Memes, that is things that just get incredibly popular through the web (Wikipedia Article)! Here is one that I didnt know about: Thriller Dances performed at Japanese Weddings! This one is especially amazing, because it was actually performed at my officemate’s wedding in Japan!:

This is also something that I got to try this amazing new service, called Dipity, on, for the first time. Here is what dipity says on Internet Memes. And here is a widget that one can just grab from their site using any search term (in this case “youtube” and “thriller”):

The Travelling Classroom – Exhibit at MIT and Album

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Please support our AUSTRIAN TRAVELLING CLASSROOM WEBSITE (click “Jetzt dazu” on the site to join) and our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Exhibit at MIT

Check out 5 min of our presentation of the Travelling Classroom Project in Boston:

Our Presentation can be found here: PPT. And here is the ALBUM of all our pictures:

Travelling Classroom Art on the Streets of Boston

Soon, the Travelling Classroom Project will be in AUSTRIA! Check back to find out when or even better, SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG! Thank you! Best, Daniel

The Travelling Classroom – Boston

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Youtube Video of the Travelling Classroom Project in Boston:

A video of our exhibition at MIT will follow, this week!:

Exhibit at MIT

Yeah, you can FIND US at N52 (building next to the MIT Museum), on the 3rd floor, this week!

Have a nice weekend!

The Travelling Classroom Project

Friday, May 1st, 2009

    German Post:

In recent times we have witnessed a real crisis in education reform:

In Austria, the US (Bill Gates speaking about Education in the USA) and in other parts of the world, the debate over tenure, incentive strategies, teacher evaluation, and public opinion has and continues to be a heated one.

The disparity between the images and perspectives portrayed in mass media and the silenced voices of teachers has led to a vicious cycle halting any real progress changing current policies.


Our IDEA and Project at MIT:

Imagine you are sitting down at a bus-stop and you are waiting for the next bus. Suddenly, you hear the voice of a chemistry professor talking, then you hear Bill Gates speaking about the problems of education in the USA, then you hear the chemistry professor, again,…

Travelling Classroom in Boston

Now you get curious and you look around: You see a piece of chalk lying on the bench, next to you and the voice is coming from underneath the bench.

The piece of chalk holds the following message:

Your Opinion!


Deployment of chalks in America: Weeks of the 20th and 27th of April, 09


Abstract for the MIT Project


Let us know what you think! and maybe you would like to hand out some chalk! ;_)