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Hotel Hoschschober – Be A Murmeltier

Once again I spent a marvelous couple of days at my favorite hotel in the world, the Hotel Hochschober, in Carinthia, in Austria:

Words are not enough to describe this place that lets one sleep anytime of the day and read and relax more than anywhere possible.

Here a poem taken from the Hochschober Kurier, the daily Hotel newspaper that lets one know what is going on during the day and more:

If I was a well-fed Murmeltier,
I would sleep so good
in my Murmelnest, so close to you.
Then you’d be a Murmeltier too.

You would sleep murmeling next to me,
and snore in musical octaves.
I wish I was your Murmeltier –
come, let us wintersleep.

Just love this place, where one can become a Murmeltier and sit back, relax and re-energize like nowhere else! Virtual tours of the Hotel Hochschober can be found at Have a great murmelig week! Yours,

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