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The Chevy Volt – The perfect example how strong Web 2.0 Platforms are

I have been wanting to blog this for the past 3 months – the perfect example of crowdsourcing:

34,520 People (and Counting) Want a Chevrolet Volt

(By Chuck Squatriglia,

The Chevrolet Volt won’t roll off an assembly line for another two years, but 34,520 people in 60 countries and all 50 states would buy one tomorrow if they could.

Lyle Dennis, a New York neurologist and the world’s No. 1 Volt fanboy, has spent more than a year compiling an unofficial waiting list of prospective buyers over at He’s posted some of the details on his blog, where they’re updated in real time. More than 1,500 people have signed on in the 24 hours since the details started bouncing around the Internet.

More here on Lyle’s website.

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