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Three things that are definitely wrong with Austria and the World

We all here a lot of things that are definitely not right in Austria and around us, but here are three facts that I have come across recently that are just outstanding to me:

1. There is not enough garbage in Austria!

Austria needs to buy garbage from other surrounding countries!

  • Italy constantly ships garbarge to Austrian garbarge burn facilitiies. So do other countries.
  • Thereby, Austria is a big helper of countries that are very badly organized regarding their garbage management.
  • However, Austrian garbage burn facilities (also called Waste Treatement Energy (WTE) Facilities) would go into under-production, if not receiving imported garbage!

I have checked the outputs of such a  facility in Austria (Arnoldstein):

Cleaned exhaust gas: 38,700 Nm³/h
Ferrous metals: 0.5 t/h
Ash: 3 t/h
Residues: 0.4 t/h
Waste water: 1.5 m³/h

I havent put more research into this matter, but the input/output balance of such a facility is quite positiv for the environment! There are even articles in the WWW that suggest such WTEs as the solution to waste problems of countries such as India!…

2. We have too much corn in Austria, but we still import corn from South America!

During times of hunger in the USA and food-shortage due to the production of fuel out of corn oil, Austria has too much corn!

  • The price of corn dropped from $170 to $60 per ton. Farmers have a complete over-production of corn and cant sell it at such low prices! or have to but dont make a profit!
  • Farmers in Austria still have corn stored from last year, thereby having made an even bigger mistake (with the falling corn prices!)!
  • Still Austria buys corn from South-America!

3. There is too much electricity in Austria!

We are actually producing too much electricity in Austria.

  • Self-sustained houses would actually not be necessary in Austria, because we have an overflow of electricity produced in our country!
  • We sell electrictiy to other countries!
  • Electricity is used to pump water back to mountain lakes, during the night when power is cheaper. Then it is pumped back down during the day to produce electricity and sold to other countries at a higher price (than the price that was spent to pump it back up during the night)!

Let me know what you think! Greetings,

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