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0. In my last blog I interviewed David Merrill (PhD Candidate at the MIT MEDIA LAB), who is the creator of SIFTABLES.

Having been in the i-team, finding a way for Siftables to enter the Market, I keep a close look for the NEW in this area and what I consider worth sharing at the moment are

1. The HP TouchSmart


2. Or the upcoming! XO-2


For products like the latter, I thought Apple would be first, but lately I find that Apple really waits until a product has proven ground and THEN develops a „new“ shiny version. So, we will have to wait a bit longer, until Apple makes something like the XO-2, although, they surely have a whole lot of the necessary patents to do anything they want!

3. And here is the Napkin PC, something I already showed to the i-team during our first meeting this spring. It is just a Design, BUT Siftables – you better hurry up! ;_)


The Napkin PC ended up winning the Microsoft NextGen PC Design Competition (2007-2008)!

Entrants in next year’s competition will gain even more recognition when it is folded into Microsoft’s Imagine Cup!:


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