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Two days ago I visited the talk by Damian von Stauffenberg from MicroRate on "Kapitalmarkt und Mikrofinanz-Sektor – Trends, Chancen und Perspektiven fuer Kommerzbanken". I believe, I was the only one who did not represent a large bank or was a VC or owner of an enormous company, sitting among the listeners.
The talk and the following article from Die Presse all speak about Microfinancing Institutions (MFIs) for 3rd World countries. I believe that there is also a big opportunity for MFIs for 1st World countries through Redwired Ideas!

Die Presse article over Mikro-Kredite:


Muhammad Yunus (Winner of the Nobel Peace Price):

Redwired Ideas – Brainstorming and Creativity

Saving the Spark (from A List Apart by Mark Boulton)

What can Creativity do?

All of us are creative and have ideas and everyone needs ideas!

Redwired – Ideas: A new forum in Redwired, where users can post any ideas they have and create discussion and brainstorming circles around these ideas to make them happen!
The most talked about and best rated Ideas will then transform into Redwired – Projects and these projects will be financially supported through a micro-financing model!

Redwired Ideas will try to harness the power of crowds ("Crowdsourcing") and through the creativity and talent that is among all of us will seek to find ideas that can change the world of everyone of us.

We are currently in touch with the HTL Wolfsberg, the Lavanttal Haus – Entwicklungagentur Kaernten, a financial organization in Carinthia, as well as Iqbal Quadir from the Legatum Center for Development & Enterpreneurship, who has led similiar initiatives (Power to the People, Microloans,…) and has given the motivation for this new project and shown interest to help.

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