Exhibition in North Carolina


What a day it was, yesterday!


The opening of the High-Speed Photography exhibition in North Carolina certainly was an event!

(Photo Courtesy of Martin Waugh).

Many of the big names in this art were visiting the opening:


Martin Waugh, who was an exhibitor at 2fast4u in April 2007, but who I never met in person and finally got to meet yesterday (Photo Courtesy of Ted Kinsman).


Roy Dunn (Photo Courtesy of Martin Waugh),
who seems to be the world’s best photographer of Hummingbirds in flight.


Loren Winters (Photo Courtesy of Ted Kinsman), who again showed some of his students most amazing works and discoveries!


Bob Edgerton, who brought many of his family members to the opening and gave a marvelous talk again about the life and work of his father.


Gus Kayafas, who I also never met in person before and who told most amazing stories about his work as the printer of Harold Edgerton.


Bob Edgerton and Ted Kinsman (Photo Courtesy of Ted Kinsman).


Andrew Davidhazy could unfortunately not come in person, but his prints were quite astonishing to look at!

Here some more pictures of our Piddler and the opening:


Our Piddler from the back! We are working on a How to Build your OWN Strobotac section on our website right now.


The proud team! (from left to right: Bernhard Heine, Daniel Pressl, Markus Dohr)


Bob preparing his talk in the planetarium of the Science Center, where we would all present two to five of our photographs and give a panel discussion for the audience.


The High-Speed Photography Exhibition in Hickory, NC made this photograph possible! Thank you!

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