Stefan Eichenberger from Brainpower Austria about the European Career Fair 2008 at MIT


Looking back at my last report about the European Career Fair (ECF) and further developments of my project MIT-Austria (previous article), I am now pleased to offer you some insight from the point of view of one of the presenters at the ECF 2008 at MIT:

Stefan Eichenberger
Stefan Eichenberger, Program Manager of Brainpower-Austria

„As Austria’s first representative I participated in the 2008 MIT
European Career Fair, representing „brainpower austria“, a non-profit
program presented in the ECF’s Science & Technology Section.
brainpower austria is a program of Austria’s Federal Ministry of
Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit), managed by the Austrian
Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Structural Programs Division.

I found the ECF as very well organized and was quite impressed by the
large number of registered candidates from all over the world. The whole
fair day kept me busy and I had the chance to speak to many motivated
people about their concerns and ideas about a research career. It was
mainly Europeans who stepped up to the brainpower austria booth but also
Americans and people from other countries as well asked about our
services and opportunities in R&D in Austria. There was also a number of
Austrians who attended the fair and warmly welcomed the idea of Austria
finally participating in an event like this.

One of our major services is our online job listings that are used by many Austrian employers to
post their R&D vacancies. At the fair booth people could browse the
listing and take a brochure including a selection of 22 Austrian
employers, with current open positions.

I think the ECF is a unique opportunity to get in contact with a lot of highly qualified academics
and establish ties with (Austrian) employers. I’m happy we made this
step, and I have to say it was a good start! We plan to extend this
co-operation and also encourage Austrian employers to be part of the ECF
themselves. Regarding the Austrians, I was happy to see some familiar
faces and to meet new ones, like DI Daniel Pressl. It’s great to see young
talented researchers who want to change things and get things started,
like Daniel and his MIT-Austria program.“

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