DI Daniel Pressl visits the HTL Wolfsberg


Finally I find time to report: It was good to visit the HTL Wolfsberg again, in January, during my last stay in Austria. I gave a presentation about my current work with my company iPressl and about my PhD research at MIT:

I spoke about my Social Networking Site for Austria: www.redwired.org

the project MIT-Austria,

2fast4u, which I collaborated on with the HTL and am now co-advising two thesis papers of four HTL students:

Thesis Students

Left to Right: Daniel Pressl, Bernhard Heine (Piddler), Markus Dohr (Piddler), Andreas Maier and Leopold Stefan

My kids project in collaboration with KIMEKI: CINEATRIX.

The NASA Spaceelevator Project:

my US Army project called Super Insulation,

and my PhD thesis work on Electromagnetic Welding.

Furthermore, my two colleagues Andreas Maier and Bernhard Heine, who visited me at MIT, last year in the fall, gave a talk about their trip and findings working with me on some new high speed photography images:

Andreas und Bernhard

One of our beautiful COKE! drop pictures:

Coke Drop

Our talks were very successful and I always enjoy the technical and friendly atmosphere at the HTL Wolfsberg.


Left to Right: Helmut Hebenstreit (advisor of the thesis papers), Daniel Pressl, Johann Persoglia (Head of the HTl Wolfsberg), Bernhard Heine and Andreas Maier

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