European Career Fair @ MIT

2 – 4 February, 2008

An optimal opportunity for any company to present itself in a professional environment such as the MIT campus!: In 2007 more than 4000 students submitted their resumes to be selected by one of the many (more than 100) companies that presented themselves in 2007 at the European Career Fair.

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Furthermore, companies will receive the opportunity to speak to the MISTI staff on how to present their company throughout the year at MIT. For example, the program MIT-Germany has already been established and many companies, such as Lufthansa are holding workshops at MIT all year long to recruit the best students for their company needs and future.

MIT-Austria Company BONUS: This will be the first event leading towards the realization of our program and for Austrian companies to set foot on the MIT campus, which will be very beneficial for the future of MIT-Austria. If your company should decide to become a member of MIT-Austria, there is a chance that your company can receive a reimbursement of the registration cost of the fair, as well as other costs.

Please contact DI Daniel Pressl with any questions regarding MIT-Austria or the European Career Fair under Contact and be quick, the deadline is the 14th of December 2007.

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