blog launched!

Greetings fellow Scientists and Engineers, Designers and Photographers, Teachers and WWW Programmers, … ! This is the blog regarding recent activities of iPressl (http://www.ipressl.com), my company, which I founded about a year ago in the fall 2006.


iPressl is an
ARTs and DESIGN, IDEAs, ENGINEERing and NETWORKing company:

  • IDEAs and ENGINEERing (http://ipressl.com/idea.html): DELTAX has recently competed in this years NASA Centennial Challenges for Strong Tethers. We are developing tethers made of nearly 100% single-wall carbon nanotubes. We hold the first manufactured two-gram, two-meter nanotube tether. DELTAX has also competed in other competitions, such as the ISN Soldier Design competition and winning the Director’s award. Furthermore, DELTAX went to compete in this years 100k.mit.edu semifinals, with their new approach towards Superinsulation.
    • ARTs (http://ipressl.com/art.html): Recent news have included my photography exhibition 2fast4u in Austria, the world’s largest High Speed Photography expedition to date! 2fast4u was a collaboration between the MIT Edgerton Center, Martin Waugh and Loren Winters from the USA, two schools in Austria and the Edgerton Center in Aurora, Nebraska.

    This blog shall serve as a place for everyone to keep up-to-date, comment, discuss, ask questions, connect,….


    Enjoy and have fun, whatever you do!

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