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Redwired in collaboration with the Anzeigetafel-Project in Wolfsberg



Die neue Anzeigetafel (Information board) in Wolfsberg

Dr. Harald Pressl, Sozialrat and Gesundheitsrat (Social and Health Minister), from Wolfsberg and the HTL Wolfsberg have finished their project. The numbers shining and changing every few seconds on the new information board, in front of the Rathaus Wolfsberg, are displaying the number of people that died due to smoking since the 29th of December 2007, for the whole world in the first row and Austria in the second row.


Dr. Harald Pressl: „Alle 9 sek stirbt weltweit ein Mensch am Rauchen (in Oesterreich alle 52 Sekunden) . 2020 werden es laut wHO 300 Millionen Tote weltweit sein.“

„The world and Austria needs to be informed about this and putting big numbers in front of people’s eyes usually works, at least for good deals when shopping. So, hopefully people will look and start to think.“ says DI Daniel G. Pressl, son of Dr. Harald Pressl and Ceo of Redwired.

Redwired would certainly like to help in this cause and Dr. Harald Pressl has information on his ideas and thoughts as well as a link to a constantly updated view of the Anzeigetafel in his Redwired profile. You can view his profile here:


The proud team in front of the Anzeigetafel. From left to right: Dir. of the HTL Johann Persoglia, Hannes Gross (who constructed and developed the board), Dr. Harald Pressl and Vice-Mayor Heimo Toefferl representing Wolfsberg.

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