Redwired presents at the St. Paul Maturaball 2007



Redwired will present today at a big event, the St. Paul Maturaball 2007.

The St. Paul Maturaball is always a fascinating event and will open its doors today for students, alumni, people from Wolfsberg, Kaernten, Austria and the whole world. The rooms of the Konvikt in St. Paul, magically transformed by the students and teachers organizing the ball, will welcome more than 2000 guests, as usual.

Redwired hopes that some of the visitors will grasp a glims of its presentation at the ball. The St. Paul Maturaball 2007 – „St. Paul goes Broadway“ is a member of Redwired and Redwired with its features tried to support it as good as possible. In the next week, even a new feature will be added to the Redwired, where users will be able to not only upload their digital fotos to their redwired album, but also develop them at their local fotostore through Redwired.

„The more the Redwired network grows the more powerful and useful its features will become for its users. We hope that some of the visitors of the ball will come to Redwired and look at pictures, as well as communicate with the students and leave feedback. The students of coming Maturaballs and future visitors will thank them, although nothing can really go wrong at such a nice and friendly event.“ says DI Daniel Pressl, former student of the Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul.

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