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This MIT-Austria Exchange Organization has not been founded yet. However, there are a few students from Austria, who made it to the reputable Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the number is increasing:


Peter Wagner (MIT, Fall 2006); Triple M, Montanuniversitaet Leoben)


Further students: Laura Droessler (MIT, Fall 2007), Andreas Maier (MIT, Fall 2007), Bernhard Heine (MIT, Fall 2007 and Spring 2008), Markus Dohr (Spring 2008)

The invited students receive the status of visiting student or interns.

There are organizations that already lead large student exchanges. However, it certainly is not an easy task, if possible at all, to get into the best engineering schools in the world and MIT is one of them.

To have a contact at such a university is certainly a big advantage and that is what this Organization will try to strengthen at the first place, to strengthen the global bonds between Austria’s universities and companies with international universities that Austrian students usually can only dream of.

Later on, after enlarging this network and receiving great feedback from both sides, we would like to go further ways and possibly form a well-known student exchange organization.

The researchers and students from Austria are certainly no less intelligent or gifted than students from other places around the world. Let’s show that to everyone!

Furthermore, the MIT-Austria program should be a harbor for projects that are collaborations between MIT and Austria.

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